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Mirgorod spa has a unique and unmatched energy aura nourished by the healing power of the local water source raising the original treasures of the Jurassic period to the surface, and by crystal-clear air, sincere cordiality of the treatment personnel and exceptional charm of the Ukrainian countryside described by the great Nikolay Gogol. The sanatorium today is undergoing active renovation along with the City of Peace (Mirgorod means “the City of Peace” in Ukrainian) in pursuit of its fate – to become one of the most popular spa resorts in Europe.


Modern sanatorium buildings many of which feature fascinating examples of traditional architecture and design blend into the grandeur of parks and the primeval beauty of birch-tree and pine-tree groves. The mellow chimes of the Cathedral of Assumption are reminiscent of old times when the famous “Mirgorod pool” and the river of Khorol lyricized by Gogol made a natural horseshoe-shaped defense of the Cossacks fort and the city hall erected as a sign of the Magdeburg right granted to the free European city back in the 16th century. Up until now the Cathedral’s golden domes shine on days and nights like a clear translucent soul. The archaic pool – or rather its small fragment preserved as memento for the generations to come – has turned into a swan lake. On its banks, immortal Gogol and his books’ characters maintain an endless old-fashioned demure conversation.


The modern sanatorium and spa complex of the Private Corporation of Medical and Rehabilitation Institutions Mirgorodkurort is based in the very heart of Ukraine, in the country’s environmentally cleanest area: in Poltava region, on the picturesque banks of the Khorol drowning in the greens of birch-trees and pines groves.



Mirgorodkurort is a modern balneology and muds resort whose exclusive and globally known mineral water and peat mud predetermine an outstanding therapeutic effect. The facility’s prime treasure is the local mineral water which, according to experts’ assessments, features the utmost protection against external effects. Consumed right at the source, MirgorodskayaTM is the natural mineral water fully preserving its energy structure and boasting the most vital micro- and macro elements ideally balanced to be digested by a human organism. MirgorodskayaTM refers to compound physical and chemical excitatory triggering essential positive developments in different organs and systems promoting the body’s complex rehabilitation.

In 2000, Ukraine’s State Committee for Natural Resources assessed the resources of Mirgorod mineral water to conclude that the deposits are sufficient to sustain another century of the resort’s active development.


The fame of the healing properties of muds from the neighboring deposit is also universal. The treatment manipulations include general and local applications, galvanic muds, and modern mud-soluble baths. The popularity and scale of healing muds application is illustrated by the amount of their use: even minimum dozes application consumes over 1200 tons a year!


Balneology and mud clinic which has been rated as Ukraine’s best several times offers its patients over 100 manipulations and treatment techniques counting about 4000 applications a day. The maximum aqua-treatment effect is guaranteed by different types of baths and procedures in hi-tech bath complexes Karra, Aquameden, Kupava and others. The hydropatic makes an extensive use of advanced hydro-laser techniques. A multifunctional therapeutic swimming pool combining the capacity of hydro-massage, cascade waterfall and Jacuzzi is an essential treatment tool. In particular, it is designed to apply a unique technology of vertebral passive vertical extension using Swiss-made “Irex” belts.

БГЛ_Ванное отделение_Ванны1_4.jpg



The gynecological ward of the balneology facility is one its special prides. The comprehensive treatment following most up-to-date techniques, a wide range of instrumentation-based physiotherapy and balneology, application of mud-based rectal and vaginal tampons, mineral hydro-laser sprinkling secure impressive results in the treatment of urologic and gynecologic dysfunctions and infertility.


The in-spa clinic of Mirgorod resort is a universal treatment and diagnostics center combining over 200 manipulations and checks relying on most advanced methodologies and technologies available from the world leading suppliers. Highly competent professionals examine the digestive system organs: large intestine (rectoromanoscopy), measure abdominal acidity (the in-abdomen pH-metry), perform duodenal intubation and mineral water rinsing fighting gall bladder engorgements. The Japan-made endoscopic video system allows detailed examinations of a gullet, abdomen and duodenum. Additional benefits include a full spectrum of ultrasonic, X-ray checks and thermography.




The clinic comprises four accredited and certified laboratories: biochemical, clinical, immunological and bacteriological.


All of these labs are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment: an Austrian biochemical analyzer Labline-80 enabling the measurement of 66 biochemical parameters, a Japanese automatic hematological analyzer MEK 7222K displaying 22 clinical indices of blood within just 70 seconds; a German automatic analyzer Super-GL processing over 30 blood glucose tests in 3 minutes.


Highly skilled ophthalmologist, neurologist, cardiologist, dentist, proctologist, general practitioner, audiologist and surgeon will be happy to make an appointment and prescribe the necessary therapy.


In addition to most modern diagnostics techniques and facilities, the clinic offers a general magnetic therapy ward exploiting the effect of magnetic field over the entire body which is a particularly important benefit in case of a multi-organ pathology.

The use of cryo-sauna stimulates active body rejuvenation, promotes weight loss and enhances the immune system.

The shock-wave therapy ward addresses locomotive system dysfunctions with the use of ВТ L - 6000 Т opline hardware.

The spinal extension decompression system using Ormed-professional apparatus allows timely prophylactics and treatment of osteochondritis and joints diseases.



The patients highly appreciate a unique capacity of the clinic offering a complete range of check-ups and an impressive variety of manipulations.


Based on a century-long experience and relying on most advanced research, Mirgorod spa has come up with e whole series of rehabilitation programs enabling the opening of 10 rehabilitation wards on top of the major gastroenterology specialty making it possible to ensure the comprehensive health improvement.


What attracts visitors from all over Ukraine and from many other countries is Mirgorod‘s unique capacity to provide them with quality diagnostics and therapy. They also highly appreciate individual approach to treatment of each and every patient, as well as doctors’ recommendations helping avoid the ailments recurrence.Курортная поликлиника_Биохимия.jpg



Another feature underpinning the spa’s popularity is a pallet of natural therapeutic factors coupled with most advanced treatment and diagnostics resource base, outstanding climate conditions and dietary nutrition consisting of biologically immaculate foods, and ample opportunities for active leisure. The crystal-clear air rich of unforgettable scents of the resort’s park and wilderness of birch-tree and pine-tree groves ignites visitors’ genuine excitement.


The treatment and spa complex comprises four sanatoriums: Khorol, Mirgorod, Poltava and Berezovyi Gai. In addition to the major line of activity – digestion organs and metabolism dysfunctions treatment – each sanatorium has a unique specialization.


Khorol sanatorium combines universal capabilities of novel treatment techniques, the healing power of MirgorodskayaTM mineral water with all benefits of the spa treatment. The local staff proudly boasts a proven track record of successful cures of abdominal, liver, pancreas, gall bladder and bowels diseases with both adult and pediatric patients. Parents with children can enjoy excellent comfortable conditions for family leisure. While parents undergo therapeutic manipulations, their children will be looked after in special playrooms by professional nurses.


The sanatorium performs effective rehabilitation of patients following radical therapy of cancer-related diseases. The treatment of patients suffering from gynecology dysfunctions and infertility yields phenomenal results. Also, the sanatorium specializes in rehabilitation of pregnant women (from 12 to 32 weeks). Spectacular and clean nature, peaceful and quiet ambience, environmentally clean and healthy diet, professional care create extremely favorable and comfortable conditions for future mothers. Checkups and therapy are prescribed according to individual plans. Khorol sanatorium offers the “Young Mom’s School” assisting parents to get prepared to the delivery, to gain skills of delivery pain relief and baby care. The sanatorium possesses an in-house treatment facility, a speleotherapy ward, a mineral water source, a bath ward and an open-top swimming pool.


Mirgorod sanatorium provides successful treatment of abdomen, bowels, liver, biliary tract and pancreas dysfunctions. The sanatorium became a home for Ukraine’s first ward specializing in rehabilitation of Chernobyl accident survivors. Throughout 20 years of its operation, the facility has developed a unique toolbox of most effective treatment techniques.


The patients having suffered a stroke receive therapy and rehabilitation manipulations yielding incredible results.


Most advanced diagnostics and productive treatment of urology dysfunctions distinguish the genitourinary facility furnished with most up-to-date medical equipment having no matches in Ukraine.


A specialized rehabilitation ward offers convalescent procedures for patients with non-specific respiratory system diseases.


Patients benefit from the facility of an in-house brain vessel UV Doppler sonography ward, the instrument-operated physiotherapy ward, therapeutic micro-enemas and bowels rinsing, speleotherapy (salt caves), aroma therapy (pine oil, ether oils compounds), orotherapy (mountain air inhalations), leech therapy, pneumatic-vacuum therapy, acupuncture reflexology therapy and other proven-efficiency treatment techniques.

Berezovyi Gai Sanatorium majors in metabolism-related and sugar diabetes (diabetes mellītus) diseases. The facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment featuring the world industry leaders’ brands. The marriage of own techniques and practices with best international technologies, research developments proposed by Ukrainian and German specialists, the implementation of a unique program “Living with Diabetes” involving German manufacturers Roche, Beckton and Barbie clinic make Berezovyi Gai Sanatorium a national center of sugar diabetes patients rehabilitation.


Trainings organized for patients in these schools help attendees to gain better knowledge of sugar-reducing medications, to learn how to balance their nutrition, to measure sugar content using glucometers and test-strips, to render emergency first aid in case of hypoglycemia. Different types of sugar diabetes complications are addressed in specialized wards: the “diabetic foot” room, non-traumatic chiropody room and infusion therapy room using modern practices of measuring glutamate decarboxylase in the blood serum. These facilities easily detect patients facing a risk of developing sugar diabetes at a several years notice.


The differentiated diabetes I and diabetes II diagnostics and the right choice of the therapy course depends – in addition to determining the glutamate decarboxylase antibodies content – on measuring C-peptide level in the blood serum – an index of own insulin secretion by pancreas. In order to determine early kidney damage, urine is tested to detect microalbinurin.


In addition to that, a 24-hour sugar content in blood may be monitored using CGMS equipment testing sugar content each 5 minutes thereby enabling treatment adjustment based on tests results under different physical exercise stress and in static condition. Even European experts admit that the variety and quality of most advanced equipment and effective techniques featured by the sanatorium surpass those of Europe’s leading clinical facilities. For this reason, the sanatorium has become a home for the Ukrainian National Center for Rehabilitation of Pediatric Sugar Diabetes Patients. Children and youngsters receive special care and attention at the sanatorium. Aiming at ensuring the utmost comfort and a feeling-home atmosphere, a special playroom for children is organized at the sanatorium where young patients spend free time in custody of professional tutors.


Poltava Sanatorium is known for its solid track record of treatment of chronic abdominal diseases, biliary tract, bowels and pancreas dysfunctions. The facility also offers patients rehabilitation after surgeries performed on abdomen and in connection with the gall bladder excision. The supporting motor system diseases are successfully addressed here as well. There are three rehabilitation wards specializing in fighting cardio-vascular diseases. Here, patients receive therapy of hypertension and rehabilitation after surgeries performed on heart and vessels. The sanatorium’s lasting cooperation with the National Research Center “The Strazhesko Cardiology Institute” of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and with the National Institute Of Cardio-Vascular Surgery is a persuasive proof of the facility’s rehabilitation quality record.


The sanatorium has been pursuing the “Get Healthy and Slim” program. This comprehensive and quite topical effort is aimed at not only weight adjustment but seeks to alter patients’ nutrition habits and physical exercises which at the end of the day results in sustainable health improvement.


Each of the sanatoriums offers a wide range of accommodation classes: from standard rooms all the way to suites and apartments each of which meets most demanding international standards.



All sanatoriums have their own comfortable and air-conditioned dining-rooms offering 10 different diets to choose from as per doctor’s prescription. Should a patient wish to go for a regular restaurant menu or prefer custom-tailored cooking, the kitchen personnel will be happy to meet any request.



Mirgorod spa offers an impressive variety of manipulations and checkups but getting a doctor’s advice about their desirability and frequency is critical. The local medical personnel have a reputation of professionals of integrity; experienced patients having visited different facilities will attest to the difference between the purely market-driven and health-focused approach to pursuing treatment courses.


The spa is proud of yet another of its assets so much liked by visitors: a lovely beach. Climatic therapy is practiced by offering air baths, sunbaths and aerotherapy. The latter is an indispensible part of staying in Mirgorod as Mirgorod’s healing air is always with them during walks, boat-riding, playing sport games, etc.


World’s best rehabilitation facilities cannot match the capacity of treatment and diagnostic resources possessed by Mirgorodkurort and undergoing regular upgrades to incorporate brand-newest technologies and methodologies available in the market from leading suppliers.

Health improvement, harmonic combination of therapy and leisure is an important yet not the only objective pursued at Mirgorodkurort. Restoring patients’ ability to enjoy life and to find peace of mind is of no lesser importance. Each visitor may choose to either engross in the whirlpool of entertainment and cultural activities or to immerse in the quiet of the wild, to relish the spellbinding headiness of scents of meadows, woods and pine groves so abundantly featured in and around Mirgorod.






  • Khorol sanatorium combines universal capabilities of novel treatment techniques, the healing power of Mirgorodskaya mineral water with all benefits of the spa treatment.

  • Poltava Sanatorium is known for its solid track record of treatment of chronic abdominal diseases, biliary tract, bowels and pancreas dysfunctions. The supporting motor system diseases are...

  • Mirgorod sanatorium provides successful treatment of abdomen, bowels, liver, biliary tract and pancreas dysfunctions. The sanatorium became a home for Ukraine’s first ward specializing in...

  • Sanatorium majors in metabolism-related and sugar diabetes (diabetes mellītus) diseases. The facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment featuring the world industry leaders’ brands....